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What are Nano Brows?

Nano Brows, also known as "Machine Hair Strokes" will give the appearance of realistic looking hair strokes in the brows, similar to microblading; however, the hair strokes are created using a tattoo machine and a small single needle tattoo needle. Brows created with a tattoo machine and needle will cause less trauma to the skin, less of a risk for scar tissue to form under the skin, and the results are longer lasting with better healing.

This service is performed by Hollie

Is a consultation required or offered before booking?

We do not offer in office consultations for permanent makeup at this time due to scheduling restrictions; however, we are happy to consult with you virtually!

All information discussed during a consultation can be found here on this FAQ form.

You may send us photos of your brows via text to (910) 629-2769 or email to, we will share our thoughts as to how we would go about shaping your brows, what pigment colors we would use, and if we think Nano would be the best option for you.

Be sure your photos are taken in good lightening and the image is clear so we can see your brows well.

How many sessions are required?

Most all forms of permanent makeup require 2 sessions to achieve optimal results. The first session is to build the foundation of the brows and the touch up session is to perfect, fluff, darken, and make adjustments if needed.

6-12 week touch ups are required for all new clients that book an initial session with us. Touch up costs are not included with your initial service cost (see touch up prices under the “How much does it cost” tab above or on the booking page)

We will book your touch up appointment when you come in for your initial session appointment. A $25.00 booking deposit will be collected to book your touch up.

There is a chance that you will not need a touch up should you absolutely love the results from your first session which is why we separate the cost of the initial session from the touch up. If that is your case, we will cancel your touch up appointment and refund your $25.00 deposit. Cancelling a touch up will be done only if the providing permanent makeup artist is in agreement.

How long do they last?

You should expect Nano Brows to last approximately 2 or more years depending on the individual client and skin type. You should expect to schedule a touch up service every 2-3 years to prolong the application. 

Is it painful?

The degree of discomfort may depend on several factors such as the location of the application and your personal pain tolerance. You may feel slight scratching during the first part of the application. After the first pass of hair strokes or the outline of the brow have been completed, a second numbing solution will be applied directly onto the freshly applied hair strokes or outline that will allow the numbing solution to penetrate the skin which will leave you with little to no feeling of the tattooing application.

I got my brows done elsewhere, can I book with you?

You will need to send us a photo of your brows before booking an appointment.

You can send your photo either via text to (910) 629-2769 or you can email them to

Existing pigment in the skin needs to be faded enough for Hollie to work over. If the existing pigment that is in your skin is dark, solid, blue, or the shape needs to be corrected we will likely refer you to our tattoo removal specialist.

Am I a good candidate?

If any of the following pertains to you, you are either not a good candidate or a doctor’s note will be required.

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

  • Prone to Keloids or Post-inflammatory hyper or hypo-pigmentation

  • Uncontrolled High or Low Blood Pressure

  • Taking Antibiotics 2 weeks before or after procedure

  • Taking blood thinning medications (contact us for more information)

  • Diabetes (dr. note required)

  • Epilepsy (dr. note required)

  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatment in the last 12 months (dr. note required)

  • Cancer diagnosis and not undergoing treatment (dr. note required)

  • Autoimmune disorder (dr. note required)

  • Chronic heart conditions (dr. note required)

  • Transmittable blood diseases of any kind

  • Botox or fillers above the eyes within 3 weeks of procedure

  • Accutane in the last year

  • Retinol, Tretinoin, AHA, BHA, or glycolic acids within 6 weeks of procedure

  • Chemical or laser facial peels within 6 weeks of procedure

  • Skin conditions around the brow area - Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Shingles, rashes, sun burn, skin cancer, etc.

  • Hyperhydrosis or Seborrhea

  • Allergies to rubbing alcohol, numbing agents, metals, colorants used for tattoos or hair dyes

  • Pre-existing permanent makeup in the brows (MUST send photos prior to booking)

  • MUST be over the age of 18

* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we deem not suitable for this procedure or for any other reason. Our brow technicians make the decision to perform permanent makeup on an individual based on their own discretion. *

What should I do or avoid before my appointment?

  • DO NOT take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before your service 

  • DO NOT take prescription blood thinning medication at least 7 days before your appointment, a doctors note will be required for this

  • DO NOT take oral Antibiotics or Steroids at least 2 weeks before your appointment 

  • DO NOT drink coffee, alcohol, or energy drinks on the day of your service - NO CAFFEINE

  • DO NOT tan or sunbathe at least 3 days before your service. We WILL NOT perform Nano Brows on skin that is sunburned, peeling, or blistered due to sun exposure

  • DO NOT wax your eyebrows less than 3 days before your service

  • DO NOT get a chemical peel, dermabrasion, mesotherapy or any other intense facial treatments less than 6 weeks before your service 

  • If you tint your eyebrows, please tint them at least 24 hours before your service 

We recommend to wash your hair the day before or the morning of your service.

what should I do or avoid after my appointment?

  • DO NOT get your brows wet for the 14 days post service other than when performing your brow care routine. Be very careful when showering and washing your face. If you do get your brows wet, gently pat them dry with a clean cloth.

  • DO NOT do any strenuous exercising for the 14 days post service. The salt in your sweat will break down the fresh pigment and cause premature fading

  • DO NOT fully immerse your face in water, use a sauna, or sunbathe for the first 14 days post service 

  • DO NOT put makeup directly on the brows for the 14 days post service 

  • DO NOT apply or use any product in or around the brow area that was not provided in your aftercare kit for 14 days post service. This includes facial cleansers, all forms of makeup, moisturizers, oils, serums, healing ointment that was not provided in your kit, Vaseline, Aquaphor, sunscreen, etc. 

  • DO NOT pick at or rub your brows while they are healing! Picking at your brows may result in loss of pigment and will compromise the overall result of the application


Days 1-5: Your brows may appear red, dark, thick, and bold. 

Days 6-10: Your brows will begin to flake, become itchy, and some parts of the brow will appear light when the flaking has begun to shed.

Days 10-25: The pigment in your brows will start to return and may only appear slightly patchy.

Days 25-42: You have already had or you are about to have your touch up.

Days 42-365: Your brows should be beautiful and should last at least 1-2 years before your next touch up (Retention will vary per person and is not guaranteed).description

What is the aftercare?

  1. Before bed on night 1 of your procedure, wash your hands with soap and warm water

  2. Squeeze a dime size amount of the brow soap provided in your kit in your hands and lather with room temperature water

  3. Gently wash your brows using your fingertips in a swiping motion following the direction of your brow hair. Do not scrub.

  4. Cup your hands under the faucet and rinse the soap away from your brows with room temperature water

  5. Blot your brows dry using a clean paper towel and apply a rice grain amount of the ointment provided in your kit to both brows using a cotton swab or clean finger


You will wash your brows and apply ointment for 10 days morning and night. 

Do not wash your brows and apply ointment more than the instructed amount or longer than the instructed period of time. You should have enough soap and ointment left over that will last for use after your touch up session.

For 2 weeks after your session, be sure to avoid: Getting brows wet other than when cleansing, working out, swimming, saunas, hot tubs, long showers, brow makeup, facial services, direct sun exposure to the face, tanning beds, waxing or plucking brow hair, and picking at or scratching brows.

When should I schedule a 1-3 year refresher?

Your refresher should be scheduled any time from 1-3 years after your most recent touch up session. If you’re unsure of when your last touch up was, contact us.

Before you book your appointment, please send us photos of your brows so we can make sure that you are ready for your refresher.

You can send your photos via email to

or text (910) 629-2769

Your brows MUST have faded at least 50% from the healed result after your last session in order for us to perform your refresher. If your brows are too saturated with pigment, new pigment won’t retain properly and your healed result won’t look great.

How much does it cost?

New client Nano Brows: $600

6-12 week touch up: $125

1-3 year refresher: $350


Touch ups and refreshers are only available for those that have established as a new client with Hollie at Holliewood Brows & Beauty

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